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Do you know the best practices for using PUR Hot Melt Adhesives?

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Since it is highly flexible and has a broad thermal setting range, PUR is perfect for bonding difficult substrates.Although hot melt adhesives have been around for decades, advancements in PUR development have made it popular for applications like bookbinding, woodworking, and packaging .

PUR also has a low volatile organic compound (VOC) content when compared with other hot melt adhesives, making it a more eco-friendly alternative.Significantly stronger than traditional hot melt, PUR hot melt provides adhesive strengths greater than 1,000 lbs! This is due to the PUR polymerizing when it comes into contact with moisture in the air. The cross linking polymerization causes the adhesive to form a stronger bond than other hot melt glues after the curing process is finished.Most PUR adhesives do require 24 hours to cure fully, and their strength is increased by reacting to moisture in the air, so it is vital to expose PUR to air during the drying process.

PUR adhesive for Bookbinding

Using PUR adhesive makes bookbinding more durable and causes less cracking because the glue is more flexible after curing than EVA or animal glue.PUR adhesive is often used for perfect binding. While traditional perfect binding uses EVA glue or animal glue, PUR is an effective and efficient alternative.

PUR adhesive for Packaging

PUR can also dry clear, making it easy to hide glue lines and give the appearance of continuity in a glued material.PUR hot melt provides a stronger bond and a faster cure time than some traditional hot melt glues, making it popular with industrial packaging manufacturers for applications from shipping containers to cosmetics.

PUR adhesive for Woodworking

Many craft makers turn to PUR as their go-to adhesive because of its fast drying and high strength properties.Using PUR to assemble wood furniture can help eliminate the need for additional screws and fasteners.

PUR adhesive for Construction

PUR adheres to wood, glass, plastic, and most metals. Its fast drying time and bond strength make PUR a suitable adhesive for automated assembly as well.Due to its ability to bond to non-porous substrates, PUR is great for use in construction. Its high strength can hold hard-to-bond materials together without additional fasteners.