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PUR Glue for Edge Banding/Profile Wrapping/Laminating

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Edge Banding PUR Glue

Edge Banding PUR Glue Performance:

1. Long sticking time, good permeability, moderate initial tack

2. Long holding time, moderate initial bonding force, good low temperature performance

3. The sticking time is short, the initial adhesion is moderate

4. Very long holding time, moderate initial adhesion, suitable for low temperature wrapping

5. Fast positioning, high initial adhesion, suitable for covering materials with large rebound stress such as CPL

6. The holding time is short, and the initial bonding force is strong

7. Long holding time, medium initial adhesion, good adhesion to plastics

8. Short holding time, medium initial adhesion

Laminating PUR Glue Performance:

1. Large initial adhesion, good low temperature and wide applicability

2. Moderate initial adhesion, good fluidity and low temperature

3. The initial adhesion is moderate, the low temperature is good, and the opening time is long

4. High initial adhesion, short opening time, excellent for HPL composite aluminum

5. Large initial adhesion, long adhesion time to PVC board, WPC floor, excellent adhesion

Honeycomb sandwich Panel PUR glue Performance:

1. Moderate initial adhesion and long opening time

2. The initial adhesion is large, the opening time is long, and the fluidity is good

3. High initial adhesion and long opening time

4. Maximum initial adhesion, moderate opening time