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Perfect Binding With PUR Hot Melt in 2022

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Technically, because of the 1,000 lbs strength of PUR combined with its flexibility, PUR hot melt has quickly become the preferred adhesive to use for perfect binding because it can hold up to repeated use and requires less adhesive than EVA.PUR binding is perfect binding; Perfect binding is a fast and inexpensive way to bind paperback books by gluing the pages together at the spine. it’s just accomplished using PUR glue rather than EVA.

Another benefit of PUR glue over EVA for perfect binding is the lay flat capability, which is especially favorable for photo book binding.Working with specialty papers, inks or coatings? PUR is a great adhesive to use because it is less affected by tough-to-bond substrates. PUR requires a closed system for perfect binding to keep it from interacting with the moisture in the air.We’re often asked by customers, can you use PUR glue in a perfect binding machine, and the answer is yes! If you are interested in using PUR glue in your project, want to know how PUR hot melt can compliment your manufacturing process, or are looking for a glue supplier, contact the adhesive experts.