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Polyurethane Hot Melt Adhesives

They are a 24-hour period of curing allows the moisture in the air to react with the PUR hot melt to create the strong bond.

Product Description

Polyurethane Pur Hot Melt Adhesives


The PUR Hot Melt Technology

Discovered in the 1980s in Switzerland, the PUR hot melt technology has enjoyed increasingly popularity, first across Europe, and then across the Atlantic in the U.S.A.Polyurethane hot melts are being used more and more in industries from high volume manufacturing to DIY and home repair. This is because PUR hot melts have some amazing characteristics that appeal to a huge set of users. 

What Exactly Is PUR? 

Polyurethane, or PUR, simply is a string of polymers that share similar chemistry, typically linked together by urethane (carbamate, an organic compound derived from carbamic acid).PUR hot melts are non-toxic, quick setting, offer great temperature and weather resistance and are affordable at any volume requirement. Here is the Complete Guide to Polyurethane PUR hot melts to answer any questions you may have about this exciting adhesive technology.

What's Different From Traditional Hot Melts?

They are a 24-hour period of curing allows the moisture in the air to react with the PUR hot melt to create the strong bond.PUR is a so-called “reactive” adhesive because a chemical reaction needs to take place for the strong adhesive bond to work. Some moisture needs to be present to spark that chemical reaction and create the adhesive bond.

The good news is that sufficient moisture exists in the air around us and usually in the material being glued.The advanced technology and its chemical reaction with moisture free PUR hot melt from the need for solvents or formaldehyde—ensuring both a safer work experience and final product.



Polyurethane Pur Hot Melt Adhesives

Pur Hot Melt Adhesives