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What is Hot melt glue

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Hot melt glue

Melt Glue is a brand new glue product, it is a perfect combination of special synthetic materials and professional formula, it can be used as liquid solid glue, or as ordinary glue. It is super adhesive and glues together in seconds. It can be used not only for home design, but also for daily repair, decoration or special purposes. It is applicable to a wider range of materials and has professional robust adhesion and strong safety performance.

The selling point of Melt Glue is its safety performance, strong adhesion, and complete bonding in seconds. At the same time, it can also be used for home design, daily repair, decoration and special purposes, such as lamps, ceilings, walls, tables, floors, furniture, etc. It can also be used to make candles, models, puzzles and other activity items, and the applicable materials are more extensive .

The advantage of Melt Glue is that it can effectively prevent wrinkling of the paint surface, and can add a firm protective layer to the surface to prevent scratches, fire prevention, moisture resistance, stain resistance, corrosion resistance, etc., and has good high temperature resistance and low temperature resistance Performance, water resistance is very good, and it is very popular among users of products packaged with materials. Moreover, Melt Glue has a very high degree of adhesion, which can hardly be separated, and the firmness can reach 600 kg/cm, which also makes it more popular.

The high quality of Melt Glue is also its irreplaceable advantage. It uses special synthetic materials and professional formula to complete the production. Optional custom formula