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How Hot Melt Adhesives Work

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Hot Melt Adhesives are a new class of hot melt dispensing adhesives with some unique advantages. It is a blend of ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVA), vinyl acetate (EAA) and polyurethane. It has a wide range of melting points, ranging from 70°C to 200°C. It forms strong bonds with various plastics and materials and can be widely used in industries such as heat sealing, printing, furniture, leather and clothing.

Hot Melt Adhesives uses the latest technology to bond virtually all fabric surfaces. Its biggest advantage is that there is no solvent, so no harmful chemicals will be produced when it is used. It also has good adhesion and is very simple to use. It only needs to be heated, and then the liquid glue can be bonded to the fabric.

Additionally, Hot Melt Adhesives have excellent durability against moisture, aging and acid neutralization. Plastic also protects from direct sunlight. Hot Melt Adhesives made with grain can withstand higher temperatures and humidity.

The high quality of Hot Melt Adhesives makes them widely used in various industries. It has good rubbing characteristics during printing, and the bonding process is simple, easy to operate, and meets environmental protection requirements. It can also be used in clothing, leather, furniture and refrigeration industries, which can improve the fixity and firmness of the overall product.

In a word, Hot Melt Adhesives has outstanding performance and has the advantages of safety, solvent-free, environmental protection, convenient operation, high humidity resistance, high heat resistance, excellent adhesion and anti-aging, etc. It is widely used in printing, furniture, clothing and leather industries, and is well received by the market. recognized.PVAC Glue Spreader adopts high-precision motor and drive control technology, which can realize high-precision and stable sizing, make the thickness of the glue layer more uniform, and have super wear resistance and durability. It also has a unique sizing speed adjustment function, which can meet different processing requirements and improve the processing flexibility of raw materials. In addition, it guarantees the stability of the bondline with magnetic clamps to avoid contamination and stop bondline scum.

The PVAC Glue Spreader has two independent applicator heads that facilitate quick glue changes, with obvious efficiency and reliability. The machine is small in size and easy to install, which is very suitable for small-scale and large-scale production lines, reducing production costs.

The sizing accuracy is very high, and the subbing layer coating is usually within the specified range and fully meets the quality standards. PVAC Glue Spreader can not only apply glue, but also has the function of correct filling of smooth edges, and can provide excellent surface batch treatment effect, so it can be used for the manufacture of plastic casings, wire joints, home appliances, etc.

The working principle of PVAC Glue Spreader is very simple, mainly including three steps of feeding, dispersing and melting. It uses an electric heating device to heat the glue to a certain temperature, and then applies it on the dispersing and melting head to achieve uniform application of a fixed thickness of glue and complete the sizing task efficiently.

PVAC Glue Spreader with its versatility, high precision, reliability, saving installation space and saving production cost