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  • PUR Hot Melt Adhesives is an emerging class of instant hot-melt adhesives that offer several selling points, including excellent strength, elasticity, heat resistance and water resistance, which make it suitable for many different industrial applications. For example, it can be used for pipe making,


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  • PUR Hot Melt for Wood is a cutting edge hot melt poly adhesive that works well to provide excellent bonding, sealing and protecting properties to wood products. It has a variety of specific functions, whether it is wood building materials, furniture, stairs, floors, kitchen utensils and other wood p


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  • How Hot Melt Adhesives WorkHot Melt Adhesives are a new class of hot melt dispensing adhesives with some unique advantages. It is a blend of ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVA), vinyl acetate (EAA) and polyurethane. It has a wide range of melting points, ranging from 70°C to 200°C. It forms strong


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  • 2023.02.24

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  • With moisture cured, reactive hot melt adhesives based on polyurethane (PUR), you can rely on maximum adhesion for interior and exterior use. When the adhesive cools down, it builds up its green strength through a physical hardening process, triggered by water molecules (from the substrate or the ai


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  • Edge Banding PUR GlueEdge Banding PUR Glue Performance:1. Long sticking time, good permeability, moderate initial tack2. Long holding time, moderate initial bonding force, good low temperature performance3. The sticking time is short, the initial adhesion is moderate4. Very long holding time, modera


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