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  • At the moment, the best alternative available for edgebanding in terms of quality is reactive PUR hot melt adhesives. When strong adhesives that can make a bond without showing a visible line and have exceptional resistance to heat, cold, water, and chemicals are required, PUR hot melts are the best


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  • PUR hot melt adhesive is a 100% solid content, moisture-reactive polyurethane prepolymer that is isocyanate (NCO) terminated. This very durable adhesive cures by interacting with atmospheric moisture to form a strong, flexible bond. It is extensively utilized in the packaging, textile, woodworking,


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  • PUR Adhesive for Assembling Smart WatchesMarket Trend for Smart WatchesAccording to the Global Smartwatch Model Tracker, despite the continuation of inflation and geopolitical unrest in 2022, worldwide shipments of smartwatches increased by 12% this year. And to make things even more exciting, thank


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  • Since hot melt adhesive and moisture-reactive polyurethane (PUR) hot melt glue have strong bonding, flexibility, weather resistance, and permanent qualities, they are frequently used in automotive applications, including automobile bodywork. Applications include lights, automobile carpets, electroni


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  • Hot Melt


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  • PUR Hot Melt Adhesives is an emerging class of instant hot-melt adhesives that offer several selling points, including excellent strength, elasticity, heat resistance and water resistance, which make it suitable for many different industrial applications. For example, it can be used for pipe making,


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