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A Hot Melt Adhesive | What Is It?

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The thermoplastic resin known as Hot Melt Adhesive (HMA), or Hot Melt Glue, is a solid that melts when heated and solidifies fast to form bonds between materials. It's water-and solvent-free, environmentally safe, and comes in a stick shape that works with a hot glue gun.

Features Of Hot Melt Adhesives

When opposed to solvent-based adhesives, hot melt glue has a number of advantages. It eliminates or drastically reduces volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and does away with the requirement for curing or drying. Hot melt glue may usually be disposed of safely without the need for extra precautions and has a long shelf life.


Series Of Hot Melt Adhesives

● TPR / Rubber Based Hot-Melt Adhesive series: primary types of HMPSA, strong cold resistance, and good surface tack, are suited for lamination under room temperature.

● EVA Based Hot-Melt Adhesive series: economical grade, for general uses.

● MPO / Metallocene Hot-Melt Adhesive series: the greatest thermal stability of all hot melt adhesive kinds, low odor, safe to use, low density, and dosage-saving.

●APO/APAO/Polyolefin Based Hot-Melt Adhesive Series: little scent, safe to use, dosage-saving and low density, resistant to heat and cold, and superior bonding on low polarity materials.

● PUR / Polyurethane Based Hot-Melt Adhesives: structural glue that cures in moisture, strong adhesion, good initial holding strength, resistance to water, and resilience to severe temperatures.

●Polyamide Based Hot-Melt Adhesive series: capable of withstanding high temperatures, UL94V0 level; ideal for joining difficult-to-bond materials.

● The Bio-Based Compostable Hot-Melt Adhesive series: has been certified by DIN CERTCO, with a Bio-Based content percentage ranging from 50% to 85%.

● WBPSA / Water-Based emulsified Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive series: balanced peel adhesion, cohesion, and initial tack performance with little odor and volatile organic compounds.

● Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesives: these adhesives are ideal for laminating at room temperature because of their strong surface tack and cold resistance.

Hot-melt adhesives are versatile and available in a range of varieties. They are often applied by rolling, spraying, or extruding, and are appropriate for porous and permeable surfaces because to their thick texture. Many materials, including rubber, ceramics, metals, plastics, glass, and wood, can be joined together with these adhesives.

For hobby or craft tasks like building remote-control foam model airplanes and fake flower arrangements, hot-melt sticks and glue guns are used. Adhesive is applied using bigger sticks and glue guns with faster melting rates in industrial procedures.

HMA can be supplied as granular or power hot melt blocks for bulk melt processors in addition to hot melt sticks. Larger applications of HMA are often supplied with adhesive using pneumatic devices.

Hot Melt Adhesive Applications

Hot melt adhesive is widely used in a range of applications and industries because it is an ecologically friendly, cost-effective, and safe glue that can be used to join different kinds of surfaces.

Packaging Hot Melt Adhesives

Hot melt adhesives have been utilized in the food and beverage sector for a few decades now for packaging items like instant noodles, biscuits, drinks, and dairy goods.

Labels & Tapes Adhesives

In addition to HMPSA, we also provide other industrial adhesives, such as WBPSA for labels and tapes and UVPSA for LCD and backlight modules.

Woodworking / Funiture Adhesives

Wood lamination, edge banding, profile wrapping, non-slip carpet, PVC flooring, mattress bonding, pocket spring forming, and large area material isolation packaging for materials like tile, stone, and glass are examples of woodworking and furniture adhesives.

Bookbinding Adhesives

A wide range of bookbinding adhesives are available, making them perfect for a variety of applications such as picture albums, textbooks, periodicals, and commercial printing.

Textile Adhesives

In the textile business, coating, surface modification, and lamination are crucial technologies for creating functional materials with specific uses. Textile materials may be made to have characteristics like elasticity, water resistance, flame retardancy, and breathability by utilizing various bonding surface materials and adhesive methods. These technologies are frequently utilized in many different applications, including military gear, furniture textiles, medical supplies, practical apparel, and automobile interiors.

Automotive Parts Adhesives

Used to put together tires, oil filters, headlights, headliners, air filters, and oil filters.

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