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Polyurethane (PUR) Based Hot Melt Adhesives | What Are They?

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PUR hot melt adhesive is a 100% solid content, moisture-reactive polyurethane prepolymer that is isocyanate (NCO) terminated. This very durable adhesive cures by interacting with atmospheric moisture to form a strong, flexible bond. It is extensively utilized in the packaging, textile, woodworking, automotive, electronic assembly, and other sectors due to its great flexibility and adaptability to various climates.

Features And Advantages Of Polyurethane Based Hot Melt Adhesives

● Outstanding adherence to a range of materials

● Excellent performance both at low and high temperatures

● Constantly flexible and stretchy

● For especially robust/structural bonding

● Resistant to a variety of solvents and substances

● Strong resistance to impacts

Types Of Polyurethane Based Hot Melt Adhesives

One-component Polyurethane Glue

This is a one-part glue that requires moisture to set. It may be applied without needing to be mixed first. Moisture diffusion via the polymer is what drives the curing of one-part moisture-cure polyurethanes; material permeability and humidity have an impact on the depth and duration of the cure.

Applications Of Polyurethane Based Adhesives

Because of their excellent bonding properties and adaptability, polyurethane adhesives are used in a wide range of sectors. Here's an overview of the key applications of polyurethane adhesives:


When joining wood objects, Polyurethane Adhesive (PUR) works great, especially when covering wood surfaces, stacking plywood, assembling furniture, and fastening edges to wood panels. It's also used to glue cabinets and other wood goods together.

Product Assembly

Appliances, electronics, furniture, and automobile interior components including airbags, dashboards, and interior trim are all assembled using Polyurethane Adhesive (PUR).

Automotive Manufacturing

PUR adhesives are used in the assembly of interior and exterior parts, including as dashboards and door panels, by joining various materials, including plastics, metals, and textiles.


The construction industry uses Polyurethane Adhesive (PUR) to lay flooring, install windows and doors, and attach insulation and other building components.


Polyurethane Adhesive (PUR) is used for labeling and packaging component adhesion, as well as for sealing cardboard boxes and other packaging materials.

Other Applications

Applications for Polyurethane Adhesive (PUR) include shoe repair, book binding, medical device assembly, and filter production.