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Clear Hot Glue

Hot melt adhesive is a 100% solid content, moisture-reactive polyurethane prepolymer that is isocyanate (NCO) terminated.


Product Description

Crystal Clear Hot Glue

A favorite with crafters, these well-reviewed adhesives are versatile enough to secure delicate materials such as balloons, ribbon, lace or children's crafts at lower temps, as well as stronger wood and metals at higher temps.Be careful not to accidentally touch the glue after it has been heated, as it has the potential to cause a burn. Consider investing in silicone finger protectors that you can wear while you use the glue gun.

You may want to place a silicone mat underneath the glue gun to protect your table or countertop in between applications of the glue. Sometimes a little glue will drip out of the gun.

The Use Of Electric Sanders Can Melt Hot Glue Sticks

You’ll need to store unused glue sticks in a room with temperatures below 130 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s also important that you keep the sticks out of the path of direct UV light. Hot glue can be used for more than just sticking two items together. You can also use it to make raised word art.

In order to compare the prices of hot glue sticks, you’ll need to divide the cost of the set by the number of sticks in each package. Typically, the larger the pack, the lower the cost per stick.Easy to install, handle and clean up. Dried color ranges from clear to milky white.

Versatile Adhesive

Transparent hot glue is a versatile adhesive that creates a strong and clear bond for various materials. It is created to become transparent when dry, which is perfect for situations where appearance and being able to see through it are crucial. The glue starts off as a melted, see-through substance when it is put on, enabling accurate and controlled placement. As it becomes colder and hardens, it retains its transparency, creating an invisible bond that seamlessly blends with the surrounding materials.


1. Transparency:

The transparent hot glue dries clear or see-through, making sure the bond stays almost impossible to see. This makes it appropriate for situations where the adhesive needs to remain unseen.

2. Strong Bond:

It creates strong and long-lasting connections between different materials such as plastic, glass, ceramics, fabrics and more. It forms a reliable and durable connection that can withstand typical stresses and strains.

3. Quick Setting Time:

Once the clear hot glue has dried, it shows strong resistance to heat, guaranteeing that the bond will stay strong even when exposed to high temperatures. This makes it appropriate for situations where there may be exposure to heat.

Crystal Clear Hot Glue

Clear Hot Glue Factory